Webline introduces online analysis engine

Webline, part of the Capita Group, has introduced an online analysis engine for advisers.

The Multi-Policy Analysis Tool is designed to help advisers get the best deal for their clients across the full range of protection-related policies on the market, while being able to capitalise fully on remuneration opportunities.

Developed by Webline in response to user demand, it allows users to compare different types of policies from a range of providers at the click of a button.
The results are then presented in a single matrix which helps advisers clearly establish the competitiveness of each provider and their products in isolation, and also demonstrate the total cost of all the selected benefits to the client.

Paul Holland, chairman of Webline, says: From a sales perspective there are obvious advantages to being able to group together multiple benefits in a simple manner.

Ensuring adequate cover for the consumer from a larger policy sale can potentially create better remuneration for the adviser.

However, from a compliance perspective, it is also important to consider whether each element of cover can be sourced on better terms from multiple providers for example, implementing two single policies in place of one joint life plan can be very beneficial for consumer and advisor alike.

Explaining this option is essential in ensuring the customer is treated fairly.

Multi-benefit or menu-style policies have recently become very fashionable because they allow advisers to bundle several different benefits within a single plan to receive discounted terms.

Scottish Providents self assurance product was one of the first to employ this technique and led to significant market penetration in the protection arena.

The Webline system enables advisers to complete further research by comparing a range of providers and multi benefit types, such as term assurance, income protection and accident, sickness and unemployment, from one simple client data screen.

In addition, where providers support web-based applications, it also allows advisers to transact online.