Someone should get a grip on cases submitted to Halifax

From Jason Simpson

I am interested to know how other brokers find working with Halifax at the moment.

I have a case that has been in the underwriting phase since early April. The application is for a remortgage with a guarantor at about 85% LTV and it’s as strong a guarantor case as you will see for a trainee accountant with a blue chip company. The guarantor is the kind of high net worth client any IFA would give their right arm for.

The case has been to the underwriters on a couple of occasions and each time I’ve been asked for more information when I was expecting the case to be signed off for offer. But at no point have I been given a definitive list of requirements – not when the case was discussed, not when it went in and not even when it first came in front of the underwriter. Information has been requested bit by bit, which is a thoroughly unprofessional way for any lender to act.

The problem with Halifax is that nobody takes responsibility. And contact with underwriters is not possible so we are left dealing with a call centre. The operators we deal with give the impression they couldn’t care less about us or our clients and there is a distinct knowledge gap compared with staff at other lenders’ call centres. With the case in question, even my account manager seems to have given up.

When you add to this the lender’s miserly 0.30% proc fee, I’m wondering for how much longer Halifax will be able to maintain its alleged status as the market leader.

Jason Simpson Mortgage consultant, Homes 2 Own, London