Pitt says resignation was amicable

Brian Pitt has put the record straight about his resignation as director of sales and operations of Beacon Homeloans and revealed that he has been released from his non-compete contract following an amicable split.

Pitt was rumoured to have quarrelled with long-time partner and fellow director Mark Abbott and resigned in protest, despite the dynamic duo’s entwined career histories at both Beacon and Future Mortgages.

But Pitt says: “I had been involved with Beacon for three years and for me the split was about needing a change of scenery.”

Following negotiations with the board, he is not contractually required to take gardening leave and is able to pursue his career as soon as the right opportunity comes along.

Pitt also says he has been approached both officially and unofficially about possible moves.

He adds: “I’m keeping my options open but have had several phone calls from people wanting to use my experience.”

Although Pitt is not being replaced at board level at Beacon, Clive Wilson is moving from the packaging business to head the sales operation at the lender.

Pitt adds: “I switched off the phone last week while I was away which was glorious, but now I’m back in the country and ready to get back in the saddle.”

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