Patriotic sellers could score a World Cup own goal says England football fans should avoid hanging English flags outside their homes if they want to sell during the World Cup.

Its says women and wealthier buyers are far more likely to disapprove of homes sporting flags.

Warren Bright, chief executive officer of, says: “If you have your house on the market and don’t want to be interrupted while watching England win the World Cup for the first time in 40 years, show your true colours and decorate your home with the English flag. You will put off plenty of potential buyers.

“Women are the referees when it comes to buying homes so it’s essential that sellers don’t neglect the finer points when presenting their homes to appeal to female buyers. If they do, they risk scoring an own goal and losing out on the sale.”

James Cotton, mortgage specialist at London & Country, says: “This depends on the buyer and it is a matter of personal taste. It also depends of the type of house, area and whether the neighbours do the same. People buying their dream home will not reject a property just because it has an England flag hanging from it.”

James Carter, independent financial advisor at Virtue Financial, says: “Some people may be put off by an England flag hanging from a house as it has chav connotations.

“But anyone with a bit of sense will realise that the owner is backing the country rather than worrying about image. It’s rather like people who say they don’t like a house because of its furnishings.”