HIPsHomes goes live with HIP proposition

HIPsHomes has gone live and is now able to produce fully functioning Home Information Packs through its online software solution.

The company, which was formed at the beginning of 2006, has become an early adopter and plans to run a full pilot scheme in October this year to coincide with the government’s proposed dry run.

The HipsHomes solution offers HIPs provision for estate agents, solicitors, surveyors, financial advisors and home inspectors – all those high street professionals who want to grasp the opportunity that the advent of HIPs offers, without the hassle.

Peter Hogston, spokesman for HIPsHomes, says: “Our software is ready ahead of schedule and in advance of many of our competitors and we are now able to offer a complete solution for those companies wishing to produce HIPs packs.

“Although the government’s official deadline for the introduction of HIPs is not until 2007, many companies are keen to start trialling them this year, both to ensure they are fully ready for the changes, but also to gain market advantage.”

HIPsHomes Limited consists of a group of property and IT experts and was formed in response to concerns among solicitors, estate agents and financial advisors that large companies will corner the new HIPs market and restrict choice when they become law in June 2007.

HIPsHomes web based ‘white labelled’ product will allow vendors and licensed firms of property professionals to register properties and guide them through a comprehensive system of pack selection and completion.

The government is introducing this new property law in an attempt to reduce the amount of property sales that fall through each year, with £350,000,000 in incomplete sales costs.

For those companies who sign up with HIPsHomes, the site will offer free access to all the component providers and will offer a choice of reputable and national HCR and search provider.

Access to the software is free, with a charge made for each HIP produced.

The company has also signed companies to take part in a pilot scheme later this year and has limited places still available for any companies keen to be involved in the trial.

For the pilot scheme, a network of solicitors, surveyors, estate agents and search providers will use the HIPsHomes solution to offer to the public HIPs free of charge.

This will enable the providers and clients of the provider to prepare for the introduction of HIPs in June 2007 when no one will be able to market a property for sale without first obtaining a pack.

The scheme will be sponsored on the basis that each sponsor will meet the cost of compiling ten packs per provider.

The sponsor will be able to have the packs branded with their company logo and will also have the opportunity of distributing their marketing material with each pack.