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HIPS will help people who are serious about selling

From Dave Rogers

The implementation of HIPs is a year off and the scaremongers have emerged from under their stones to tell us how it’s all going to go belly up.

But a year after the implementation we will look back and remember the days when any old chancer put their house on the market, knowing it would cost them nothing, just to test the water at a wholly unrealistic price.

There may be a rush to sell before HIPs are introduced and falling house prices may follow. I imagine my local rag will be gutted (to use journalistic parlance) at the revenue lost by estate agents when they only have half the number of houses to sell. The effect will be that the last 16 pages of the newspaper will no longer be the sole domain of estate agents.

If someone is serious about selling their house a HIP will help. Prospective buyers will be better informed and less likely to pull out of the deal on a whim.

Dave Rogers, Intermortgage, Exmouth


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