Halifax underwriting rule change affects flight crew

From Mary Lockyer

I’ve had a case with Halifax for nine weeks and it has still not been offered. It was submitted packaged with 12 consecutive, certified payslips from British Airways.

Despite this, I was told an income reference would be required. But BA’s references are computer generated and only detail the last three months’ average flight pay so annual profit share bonus, pay deals and language pay are omitted. Also, if a BA client was on leave and their flight allowances were lower than usual, this will not equate with the true average picture.

In the case in question, the em-ployer’s reference was 5,500 lower than the actual pay and despite sending in a further three payslips – again confirming income during the past year as realistic – the computer said no. Halifax’s new lending policy dictates that the employer’s reference has to be taken on variable pay, even when it is incorrect and even if 12 payslips are supplied. I am told this policy has been set due to risk assessment and that common sense no longer counts.

Be aware of this underwriting rule. It will affect any flight crew applicants until normal service is restored.

Mary Lockyer, IN Partnership, By email