Comparing a HIP with an MOT is simplistic and misleading

From Sean Horton

Louise Hanson of Which? (Mortgage Strategy June 5) thinks HIPs are like car MOTs. I wonder what Which? readers would think of her advice when buying a car.

The analogy of a car’s MOT proving it is in working order is simplistic. An MOT proves a car met limited criteria at the time of its test. Many aspects are not tested and if it is not maintained properly its mechanical integrity will diminish. Would it not be better to instruct an AA car inspection before parting with your money?

In fact, the Which? website states: “If you want extra reassurance when buying a second-hand car, it’s best to pay for an engineer to check it as well.” Enough said.

A HIP provides simple data about a property on a particular date but it has a limited shelf life and does not confirm its value. Who would trust a Home Condition Report that’s six months old?

Surely it’s common sense to invest money in a current, independent survey before buying a property. HIPs are intrinsically flawed and bring few positives to the market.

Sean Horton, Director Enhanced Wealth, Kent