BM Solutions to extend transfer offer to self-cert deals

BM Solutions is planning to extend its pilot product transfer fees on sub-prime products to include its self-cert range.

In March BM Solutions piloted a range of credit repair products for its sub-prime client base which included product transfer fees. Following positive feedback from brokers it is extending this pilot to cover self-cert, both sub-prime and mainstream.

BM Solutions emailed brokers last Wednesday offering them a proc fee incentive if self-cert clients coming to the end of their mortgage terms with BM Solutions decide to remortgage with it.

Matthew Grayson, spokesman for BM Solutions, says: “We’ve had great feedback from the credit repair pilot and because a percentage of sub-prime cases are also self-cert it was a natural progression to extend this offer to cover these products.

“Although this isn’t always going to be a credit repair issue it’s still a viable option for borrowers as they still get advice from the whole of the market and, if they decide to stay with BM Solutions, they will incur none of the costs of remortgaging to a new lender.”

The offer will be reviewed in July.