Accord speed to offer times are available on homepage

FRom Marie O’Reilly

I am writing in response to Keith Butler’s letter headlined ‘Brokers should know about lenders’ processing times’ (Mortgage Strategy June 5).

“Are there any lenders willing to publicly state their average application to offer times and allow these to be independently verified?” asks Butler.

The answer is yes. He should visit Accord started quoting speed to offer times on the homepage shortly after launch.

Our service promise states that for correctly completed applications where all fees and related paperwork are presented upfront, we will send out an offer in 10 working days. For cases that qualify, most offers go out within seven days. Cases where we wait for brokers to send paperwork take about 19 days.

One click from the homepage reveals more detail on our processing and telephone turnaround times. You can also quickly find out how the 10-day standard works, or see how brokers rate us in our monthly service survey.

Marie O’Reilly, Marketing manager Accord Mortgages, By email