TMW told me it might take five days to read my letter

From John Hill

Further to John Nicholls’ letter regarding The Mortgage Works in the November 21 issue, I had three cases – all for to the same client – that I recently placed with this lender.

The cases were submitted in October. My client went on holiday for two weeks just as the applications were submitted which did delay valuations and this was no fault of TMW. But the valuations were completed by November 22.

I requested copies of the valuation reports and was told I could not have them until they had been signed off by an underwriter. Why? After all, my client had paid for them so he was entitled to see what he had paid for.

After some messing about and with a considerable amount of help from my local BDM, nothing happened – despite the BDM doing all he could within the limits set by TMW.

Angered at this I took it further because, as in Nicholls’ case, nobody from TMW bothered to return my calls. At 3pm I telephoned TMW’s director of intermediary sales Paul Howard and explained the problem to him.

This was then passed to one R Hilton-Garner and 15 minutes later the valuation reports appeared.

Just who do TMW underwriters think they are? My client had paid for these valuations, not TMW. He was fully entitled to have sight of them immediately, not at the whim of an underwriter.

On December 7 I chased the offers. I was told by an underwriter that they had received the letter they had been waiting from from my client on December 2 but they might not be able to look at it that week.

Over five working days to read a letter. Just what planet is this company on? I for one will not be using TMW again.