Scarborough introduces telephony system

Scarborough has become the first organisation in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa to fully introduce a telephony system.

The society has partnered with Nortel in developing and installing the expert anywhere contact centre solution with Nortel contact center 6.0, as part of its moves to improve the speed and efficiency of its service to customers.

The system has been introduced into Scarboroughs direct customer operations, which include the mortgage sales, mortgage servicing, investment direct and the broker desk teams.

Staff at the societys head office say it is already enhancing their ability to efficiently service customer needs.

Kevin Moran, IT director at Scarborough, says: Offering an outstanding service to our customers is a key business objective for the society, and we are investing heavily in several aspects of our IT infrastructure to support this goal.

The expert anywhere solution is one example of this. It represented a significant six-figure investment and we are encouraged with the results so far. The contact centre software was only installed in late October and has enabled real improvements even in that short space of time.

Customers are now dealt with more effectively as calls are automatically directed to the agents with the most appropriate knowledge and skills to deal with their enquiry. The system has also enabled the society to consistently achieve its service level agreements, which require all calls to be answered within 15 seconds and between 90% and 95% of calls have been answered within this time since installation.

All customers dialling in to Scarborough can now expect a consistently high level of service.

To ensure good management of enquiries, large display screens are mounted in the call centre, colour coded for both agents and customer calls. All agents are represented on the screen, so that colleagues can see at a glance the status of any agent. In addition, the real time displays monitor customer calls, looking at the number of calls that have been answered and those that are still waiting. Should the number of calls exceed a predefined threshold, the screen turns amber and then red, allowing supervisors to re-allocate agents and skills accordingly.

Richard Giblin, project manager at Scarborough and responsible for overseeing installation of the Nortel solution, says: “As a financial services organisation we need to ensure a rewarding customer experience by delivering the right services quickly and efficiently.

“The Nortel contact center solutions impressive capabilities make it the right solution for evolving our contact centre infrastructure, with enhanced customer satisfaction being only a click away.

The contact centre system allows agents to visually track the experience of individual customers as they progress through the system, and better understand their individual circumstances, behaviours and needs, to ensure that their case is dealt with as quickly as possible and in the most appropriate way.

The system also offers supervisors a real time management tool, which enables them to divert resources from department to department, according to need.

John Carrier, chief executive of the society, adds: Scarborough is committed to leading amongst peers in terms of the innovation it introduces into all of its working practices from product development to working systems.

In order to provide an outstanding customer service in todays fast-moving market place, it is important to invest in high-tech tools like the Nortel telephony solution.

“We are delighted with its success so far and will continue to explore other avenues to partner groundbreaking organisations like Nortel in developing cutting edge business solutions.”

Andy Dennahy, director of multimedia solutions for Nortel, says: The financial sector is one of our key target markets and therefore we were delighted by Scarboroughs decision to use Nortel contact center 6.0 model for its infrastructure upgrade.

Working with BT, we developed a bespoke system for Scarborough, which offered a range of solutions to meeting its customer service ambitions.