Pink and Enable consolidate position by joining forces

Pink Home Loans and Direct Life & Pension Services (Enable) last week revealed that they are to combine their mortgage and insurance networks.

Both are owned by Skipton and the combined network will trade under the banner of Pink Home Loans Network with Pink Home Loans providing the mortgage expertise.

With the ARs merged from Enable, the combined network will have 160 firms though this figure is expected to grow to around 200 in the new year.

Direct Life will have responsibility for delivering the protection proposition for ARs across the enlarged business.

Since Mortgage Day there have been a number of rumours that the two Skipton-owned networks were to merge. With the number of networks in the market since regulation grossly out of proportion with the number of appointed representatives, consolidation in the market has long been seen as inevitable.

The net result will be one of the largest networks in the mortgage market.

Tony Jones, managing director of Pink Home Loans, says: “This move will bring significant advantages to members of Pink and Direct Life. Pink’s experience in the mortgage market and Direct Life’s insurance know-how will mean we have an even stronger proposition to offer ARs.”

Michael Ward, managing director of Direct Life, adds: “This will be one of those situations where one and one equals more than two, particularly from the perspective of the networks’ ARs.”

Pink has also launched a flyer in conjunction with its insurance partners, to be issued by introducers to their customers.

Financial Services Authority rules state that if requested by the client, a broker must be able to produce a list of the insurance providers they can select from.

Pink has produced the leaflet to enable its introducers to issue it with every sale along with the Initial Disclosure Document, instead of when customers request it.