Mystery of how mis-selling claims firm gets its details

From Peter French

My daughter and future son-in-law completed on their first mortgage last week. The mortgage is on a repayment basis and neither of them have had life assurance policies or mortgages before.

How come then a letter addressed to my son-in-law arrived at my home trawling for endowment mis-selling work from Key Point Endowment Claims in Doncaster?

How did it get his details at my address? Can anybody tell me how we can find out what database provided details to it so soon after the completion of the mortgage?

After all, it could not have been local authority lists because he is not registered at my home. His name and my address would have been connected only as part of the house purchase because of my daughter’s details having to be disclosed.

If this doesn’t indicate an infringement of the Data Protection Act, what does?