MS to help brokers as they prepare for HIPs

Intermediaries are to get a helping hand in the intricate world of Home Information Packs thanks to eConveyancer’s Alan Dring and Mortgage Strategy.

Dring, sales director at eConveyancer, will be writing a weekly article on the development of HIPs in the magazine and readers will be invited to forward their queries and observations to him via email.

Dring says: “What we plan to do over the next 18 months is prepare the industry for the introduction of HIPs.

“This industry has a reputation for burying its head in the sand and then reacting in the 11th hour. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen.

“We are basing our approach on the assumption that HIPs represent an opportunity rather than a problem, though there will be challenges. HIPs should be a significant part of 2006 business planning. Now is the time to evaluate your relationships locally, including business to business. Firms should be asking questions such as – is my network providing right solutions to business challenges?”

Dring believes the ‘Ask Alan’ scenario will get people asking questions the industry will have to answer. He says there are three main potential benefits of HIPs, these being income generation, time-savings, and increased customer satisfaction.

Dring adds: “I suspect I’ll be answering questions on the impact HIPs will have on intermediary businesses, costs and education.

“We will be working with bodies such as AMI to make sure brokers are informed, and offer them options and ideas.”

Readers wishing to Ask Alan about any aspect of HIPs should email them to