Lawpack publishes book to help landlords

Many of the problems that arise between landlords and tenants can be put down to a universal human failing – lack of communication. Misunderstandings over contractual rights and obligations, for example, relating to property inspection and repairs, can result in situations and incidents that produce ill feeling on both sides and possibly the breakdown of the relationship.

A new book published by Lawpack aims to help landlords by providing ready-drafted letters for dealing with commonly occurring letting situations. Landlords Letters Plugging the Communication Gap between Landlords and Tenants provides guidance on when to use each letter and the procedures to follow along with tips and essential background legal information.

The books author, Adam Church, says: All too often people get themselves into difficulties because of a simple failure of communication. We are in a competitive market. Holding onto tenants is important and maintaining good communication is likely to improve chances of tenant loyalty.

Some landlords are just not confident writing a letter. These letters save landlords time and worry because all they have to do, is pick a letter that suits the circumstances and away they go.

The book is endorsed by the National Landlords Association, which represents the interests of more than 100,000 landlords nationwide. Simon Gordon, head of public affairs for the NLA, says: This book could well prove to be an indispensable and easy-to-use reference tool for landlords right across our sector. I think it will appeal to the experienced landlord but also to those who are new to property investment.

As the leading national body for landlords we are aware of the problems that face our members, not least because of the work done daily by our advice line. We are also committed to the fostering of good relations between landlord and tenant. Anything that contributes to that process and helps our members is to be welcomed.