I feel compelled to expose lenders’ irritating ways

From S Akhtar

It is with great regret that I write this but two recent events compel me to.

The first case I would like to highlight concerns BM Solutions, which I use on a regular basis.

I applied for a buy-to-let mortgage with this lender for a good introducer client on a property his brother is already renting.

The property was down-valued by about 20,000 and the client went back to the vendor to renegotiate the purchase price down to the new valuation.

At this price, it was within the client’s brother’s price range so between them, they decided the brother would now purchase the property to live in himself.

I duly applied for the brother to purchase the property. But when it came to the question of valuation BM Solutions insisted on a new one. Why? Because the original valuation, carried out just two weeks earlier, was in another person’s name.

Can someone tell me why BM Solutions needs the valuation fee again? It calls it company policy. Surely this is going too far.

Now for Future Mortgages. After submitting a case online, checking it on the case tracking system and finally getting through on the phone after 45 minutes, I was told that it does not have any knowledge of the case. I said that it was on its case tracking system only to be told that it does not have a case tracking system.

I asked to speak to a manager because I was told I should fax the paper application and to my annoyance, was told that there were no managers.

Then I asked for the contact details of my BDM, only to be told that they are no longer allowed to give out contact details.

What sort of operation is this?