Future’s poor service is causing stress and misery

From Arthur Hamilton

Like many other brokers, we were promised great things with the launch of Future’s product range. The products looked excellent, but would its notoriously shaky administration be up to the task?

Some months on, the reality of this lender’s incompetence is clear. What is the point of having a great range of products but then combining that with a woefully inadequate administration system?

The reality for us brokers is tearful clients forced to take on bridging finance. The people in charge of this company should take a long, hard look at themselves.

Their incompetence is causing untold stress and misery to thousands of clients and, in turn, brokers.

My advice to anyone thinking of placing a case with Future is simple – don’t do it. We all experience different levels of service standards between lenders but Future has redefined bad service. Disgraceful.

Ironically, one of our administrators received a call from Future recently asking to conduct a satisfaction survey.

After clarifying that it was not possible to give a minus rating in every category, the only positive

comment she could make was that its telephone hold music was quite good.