Curriculum Vitae – Phil Jay

\"I reached into my bag and pulled out 2,500 in cash\"

Name: Phil Jay

Age: 42

Company: BDS Mortgage Group

Job title: Managing director

Where do you live?

Describe your current job
Everything that happens at BDS usually comes across my desk at one point or another. Spearheading a terrific management team that has diversified successfully in recent years has been rewarding and educational.

What was your first job?
My first unofficial income was from my brother. To get me out of the house he would give me sweet money to go to the shops for him so he could spend some quality time alone with his girlfriend.

What was your last job?
Regional manager for the Portman, looking after 16 branches. This gave me my first real contact with mortgage brokers and helped me understand their needs and aspirations. The same skills are required today to do this job well – good service and 100% honesty.

What have you done in between?
Worked at the TSB in various branches around Hampshire. I started as a cashier and worked my way up to a supervisor when I was managed by a total muppet, so I left. His skills, or lack of them, taught me how not to do things, which has actually stood me in good stead.

What has been the defining point of your career to date?
Joining BDS nine years ago. It was terrific to join a company that genuinely rewards you for enterprise and good old hard work.

And the most embarrassing?
At the TSB we were always running out of cash the day before our delivery. Once, I talked the local banks into lending us 90,000. On the way back to the office I stopped off at Marks & Spencer for a sandwich. As I was paying I realised I had no spare change so I reached into my bag and pulled out 2,500 cash its cellophane envelope, ripped it open and handed a crisp new note to the cashier. She was bemused but not as much as my branch manager who happened to be three behind in the queue.

Do you have a mortgage?
Yes, with BM Solutions.

What’s your favourite restaurant?
If the company is right the food is always secondary but I like Villa Romana in Fareham. Despite it being the haunt of Portsmouth footballers – I’m a Southampton fan – the food is always good.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on dinner for two?
My wife has simple tastes so we rarely bother with culinary extravagance. But we did decide to embark on a course of IVF treatment over dinner one night, so that cost about 3,000.

What’s your favourite band?
Queen or ELO.

What’s your favourite tipple?
In honour of my mate Neil at Preferred, it has to be a good bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape.

Do you have any hobbies and interests?
Trying to understand my children. It’s not so much a hobby, more of a quest. I got my kids interested in golf recently but this stopped when my eldest gashed my eye open with a seven iron.