Council Tax could become green levy

Council Tax could be rebranded as a result of government commitments on energy consumption in the Kyoto Protocol.

Justine Tomlinson, marketing director at Mortgage Next and Mortgage Strategy columnist, says the government has to control the energy efficiency of properties and could use energy reports from Home Information Packs to do this via Council Tax.

In September the government postponed a Council Tax revaluation until April 2007, two months before the mandatory introduction of HIPs.

It is also introducing a code for sustainable housing that sets a star rating for the energy efficiency to improve the environmental performance of new homes.

But the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister denies information from HIPs could be used to impose taxes. A spokeswoman says: “Council Tax is based on the value of your home. It is untrue that there will be a new stealth tax or additional charge because you have a less energy efficient home.”