Application was one of the worst I’ve seen in 25 years

From Paul Howard

I was concerned to read the complaint levelled at The Mortgage Works by John Nicholls of Brentwood Mortgage and Finance (Mortgage Strategy, November 14).

So I called for the file on this application – the first case he had ever sent to us.

I was astonished to find that Nicholls had completed a Portman application form for a Mortgage Works buy-to-let application. The TMW form has completely different questions on it.

Next, he complains that we could not find his clients on the voters’ register. No wonder, he gave us the wrong address on the application form.

I could go on but I won’t bore you. What Nicholls fails to mention in his letter is the poor state in which his application was submitted – one of the worst I have seen in my 25 years in the mortgage industry. This undoubtedly affected the speed with which his application was dealt – it was doomed from the start.

On a general point, The Mortgage Works has enjoyed a successful year with record levels of business and profit. We acknowledge our service has been stretched at times and are consequently investing heavily in people and technology to address this.

Ours is not a perfect industry and service levels, from brokers as well as lenders, fluctuate for various reasons. It is important we work together to overcome these shortcomings rather than hurl accusations at each other.

Most people set out to do a good job and on most applications this year, TMW has done just that.