Anthony & Co launches mortgagepages website

A website has been launched which could fundamentally change the way brokers do business. Mortgage Pages UK is the brainchild of Anthony & Co Financiers, a Cotswold based private financier and has grown into a comprehensive website of over 200 pages of contacts, information and links catering for every aspect of the industry.

The Case Match is a tool that submits your sub-prime case directly to multiple providers free of charge and Job Match sends your CV to around 20 recruitment agencies. Over 70 packagers are listed, along with lenders, life providers, networks and much more.

Useful links to everything from the FSA to Dominoes Pizza delivered to your office complete the line up along with suitable advertising to generate revenue. Order flowers for your partner and place a bridging loan for 500,000 both at the same time from your desktop. While you are at it you can check to ensure that the client is not bankrupt and check his property for any further charges, all without even getting up from your pizza. You can finish by checking your bank balance and your emails directly from the website before you go home to a kiss and a hug for the flowers you sent earlier.

Anthony & Co has already received an offer to purchase the website even before it has launched but have declined to sell on the basis of the blood, sweat and tears given to the project so far.

Anthony Wall, managing director of Anthony & Co, says: Whilst I am flattered, I think I would like to enjoy the business at least for a while before we consider selling. This is exactly what our industry has been waiting for a comprehensive trade website of its own. We are stunned that we have already had 35,000 hits in December alone with no advertising whatsoever.

Mortgage Pages UK has recently sent out a novelty welcome pack containing sweets and chocolates to nearly 200 of its featured companies to introduce them to the website and these should be arriving shortly.