Speaking your language

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To be said in Samuel L Jackson style of speech…

“Can I help you?” he said.

“Nice advert,” I said.

“You bet,” he said.

“What&#39s it about?” I said.

“You can&#39t find meaning in the script,” he said.

“Talk straight,” I said.

“Or the location,” he said.

“This advert,” he said, “is almost like nothing&#39s being said.”

“Cat sure ain&#39t got your tongue, so explain it,” I said, “as you see it,” I said.

“I could talk about this advert for ever,” he said.

“You have,” I said, “So how much?” I said.

“£15m,” he said.

“But why didn&#39t you use the money to keep my local branch open?” I said.

“Too late,” he said, “it&#39s closed,” he said.

I can&#39t repeat what I said.

Barclays: Our customers speak many languages. We don&#39t understand any of them.

Name and address supplied