RJ Temple launches lifeline to benefit clients and charity

IFA RJ Temple PLC has kicked off a campaign to save clients money and benefit the Southern Africa Crisis Appeal. The Lifeline campaign offers people a free quotation service for life assurance.

For each quote that is lower than the person&#39s current premium, RJ Temple will donate £10 to the charity appeal. Even if it cannot come up with a cheaper policy, the company will donate £2.

Ian Millward, marketing director at RJ Temple, says: “We are delighted to have come up with a way of supporting this appeal, which desperately needs help, while saving our clients hundreds or even thousands of pounds.”

Life assurance premiums have fallen by an average of 50% since 1994 and by 15% in just the past year. This means that anyone who took out a policy more than 12 months ago may now be able to make a saving.

Millward adds: “As well as these falls in rates, many people have policies that are uncompetitive. This is often the case with mortgage cover arranged by the lender. Because we are independent, we can seek out the best quotes on the market.

“Over the life of a mortgage, these two factors together could make a difference of several thousand pounds – which could be invested for a very useful nest-egg.”