Repent sinners

From Frank Hughes

Ian Griffiths&#39 letter about Abbey National (Mortgage Strategy August 5 2002) did strike a chord with me. I&#39ve not been wild about Abbey National since, admittedly a few years back, I lost over £2,000 in fees and commissions as a result of its incompetence.

An established self-employed client was moving from High Wycombe to Southampton. I had recommended a loan for him, but the estate agent in Southampton said he could have a certain deal through Abbey National.

The client asked me if I could match it. I told him that I felt Abbey National would not give this deal to someone self-employed. I checked with my local business development manager, who told me there was &#39no way&#39 another branch could offer such a deal to my client.

Heartened by this endorsement of my original judgement, I informed the client. He then promptly got the deal he wanted through the Southampton office!

The explanation was that a new software system was being installed at the time so it had its wires crossed internally. The local office was highly embarrassed but could offer me no recompense.

The worst of the matter was that I had been nurturing the relationship with this client for around three years and had gradually gained his confidence after a difficult start. This totally blew my credibility with him and Lord only knows what future business I may have lost.

Anyone can make mistakes. When they do and freely confess their sins I&#39ll forgive just about anything, so long as things are put right.

In this case I was not even offered a lunch or a free T-shirt or any small attempt to redress the wrong.

Frank Hughes

Long Crendon