My Mortgage Week – Brian pitt

Monday: Disaster strikes first thing this morning – my electronic personal organiser decides to reset to January 1 1999, thereby wiping off all my databases and appointments. I&#39m forced to revert to the back-up plan of the cumbersome desk diary and stacks of business cards. The main meeting of the day is – I hope – with Mark Abbott, our CEO, to start the process of setting up our business plan for 2003. There&#39s nothing like getting ahead of the game.

Tuesday: Today we welcome visitors from Citigroup US, who are over to meet the senior management team and see how our plans to grow the business are progressing. As our business is now located on three sites, the resultant request for travel and accommodation plans so that our guests can visit Reading, Manchester and Sunderland within just a few days causes the executive secretarial team to fall about laughing hysterically.

Wednesday: Meeting with general managers for sales and marketing to discuss the timing of the next Future 500 online survey. We have been delighted with brokers&#39 responses to date, who have told us it&#39s a real opportunity for them to &#39tell it as it is&#39. I also lead the monthly channel review, focussing particularly on our website. Even with our business levels generated via the web consistent at around 35%, we still need to keep ahead of the competition and look at new ways of generating more volume through this channel. Reacting quickly to brokers&#39 ideas for further developments has driven much of our innovation and development, and it is essential that we maintain this flexibility.

Thursday: The morning is spent on a conference call with the head of mortgage operations in our Sunderland office. The majority of the processing of mortgage applications has now been transferred to Sunderland to pave the way for an exciting new service proposition to intermediaries. I leave the office to jump on a plane to Edinburgh. Late afternoon is spent with Clive Wilson, general manager sales, to review progress of our new limited-packaging channel. We both agreed we have got off to a great start and are delighted with the support we have received from these new business partners. Clive and I then have dinner with 12 of our key introducers from Scotland. These visits provide an excellent opportunity and environment to discuss product developments and cement business relationships.

Friday: Hosted our dinner guests from the night before at the Open Golf Championship at Muirfield. After a week of meetings and conference calls it&#39s nice to spend time with our intermediary customers in a relaxing environment. Fortunately we escaped the wrath of the Scottish weather and saw some great golf. Note to self: I need to play far more regularly if I&#39m ever going to have a swing like Ernie Els.

•Brian Pitt is sales and marketing director of Future Mortgages. His diary runs from July 15-19.