CIS target women&#39s memory for home options policy sales

Research conducted by leading financial services provider Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) found that women have better memories than men when it come to remembering important dates.

The research, which questioned people of both sexes from across the country, found that almost twice as many men forgot their wedding anniversary as women (14% v 8%), a third more men rely on someone to remind them of important dates compared to women (9% v 6%), while almost a third more men than women have forgotten to renew an insurance policy on the date it was due (11% v 8%).

CIS say that this is mind, but men in particular would benefit from its new Home Options policy which enables policyholders to arrange all of the house insurance they need, such as buildings and contents insurance, as well as personal possessions, caravan and annual travel insurance all under the roof of one policy.

This means that policyholders simply have one set of documents to keep safe, one premium to pay, and one renewal date to remember – which has got to make life that little bit simpler for everyone!

CIS marketing manager Martin Clarke says: “We all have an incredible amount of things to remember: birthdays; anniversaries; appointments and so on. This single policy helps to make life simpler with only one single date to remember, ensuring that people of both sexes can feel safe in the knowledge that they are fully covered and will only have one single policy to renew each year for a multitude of items.”