Bristol & West launches five-year fixed rate

Bristol & West Mortgages today launches the lowest five-year fixed on the market , with a headline rate of 4.89% .

The product reverts to Bank of England base rate plus 1%, has no extended redemption charges and is available up to 95% LTV, with no restrictions on who can take out the offer. The product carries a redemption charge of 7% until September 30 2003, 6% until September 30 2005, and 5% until September 30 2007, with a £299 arrangement fee.

Neena Kitheroy, Bristol & West Mortgages&#39 senior product manager, says: “The cost of funds on the money market is falling, this means we are paying less for funds and in this time of escalating house prices, we feel it is only fair to pass on these cost savings to customers.”