Arsenal tie up deal with Bank of Scotland

Arsenal has teamed up with Bank of Scotland to launch the &#39Your Financial Arsenal&#39 range of financial services

Your Financial Arsenal will also give supporters of the club the opportunity to show their affinity to Arsenal and gain from a range of exclusive benefits.

Thousands of fans already carried Arsenal-branded credit card issued through Bank of Scotland since 1998 and a new five-year deal with Bank of Scotland will continue the affinity financial services relationship.

As well as credit cards, supporters of the club will soon be able to take advantage of further financial services products through Your Financial Arsenal. Personal loans will be available shortly, with further products set for launch in due course.

This continues to provide essential funds, which will allow Arsenal to build on the achievements of Arsene Wenger and contribute to the youth development program and the new stadium Ashburton Grove.

Keith Edelman, managing director of Arsenal, says: “This is another double win for Arsenal. It&#39s a win for Arsenal plc because income from the expanded programme will contribute significantly to the development of Arsenal, both on and off the pitch. And it&#39s a win for Arsenal fans and supporters because Bank of Scotland is known for offering very competitive rates and high quality services.”

James Corcoran, head of products at Bank of Scotland says: “Bank of Scotland has had an excellent relationship with Arsenal for a number of years now. As the UK&#39s leading partnership bank, we are delighted to expand this relationship.

“There are tremendous benefits to the club and supporters alike with these new financial products which will give fans up and down the country the opportunity to contribute to the development of the club.”

As part of the launch, Your Financial Arsenal will include a new range of three Arsenal-branded credit cards – Gold, Platinum and Classic. Your Financial Arsenal customers will also be able to offer draw for match tickets for the Champions League matches.