Aim for a soft landing

From Mark Howell

It was with interest that I read your comments regarding the tendency of sub-prime lenders to box customers into light, medium and heavy adverse categories, resulting in borrowers paying for credit problems they may not have.

Pink Home Loans recognised this fact some time ago and developed a product designed to avoid this situation arising.

The Parachute Mortgage, a collaboration between Pink and Amber Homeloans that launched 18 months ago, ensures that rates are individually tailored according to the client&#39s situation and needs.

As a &#39price for risk&#39 product the borrower only pays for the amount of adverse credit they have and loadings are even subtracted, for example, where self-certification is not required, or if the borrower has no CCJs or no arrears.

The product range caters for the full range of adverse credit, without putting borrowers into sub-prime categories, so customers will only pay for the problems that they do have.

Mark Howell

Marketing manager

Pink Home Loans