ABI calls conference on liability insurance

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) is calling a half-day conference in early September for all interested trade associations to discuss how best firms can access the liability insurance market.

The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) has agreed to co-host the event. The purpose of the conference will be to explore all the options in the marketplace, and the role that risk management can play in helping customers through current difficulties. This will also be an important opportunity to discuss the longer-term problems of liability insurance raised this week by the ABI.

Trade Associations wishing to attend the Conference should contact the ABI&#39s General Insurance Department on 020 7216 7546.

John Parker, Head of General Insurance at the ABI says: “While we recognise that many of the current short-term issues are at least in part ones for the Lloyd&#39s market, we are more than ready to play a role in ameliorating current difficulties if we can.

“It will be important to distinguish between businesses that are simply faced with higher premiums because of market conditions, and others who may be unable to find any cover. We are calling this conference of the trades most affected to help them find ways, in collaboration with the brokers, of dealing with the short-term problem.

“But we are also continuing to promote a wider debate, with government and others, on the case for radical reform of this legislation. Liability insurance has reached a crossroads in this country. It is important that we have a sensible debate about the best way forward.”