Watchdog says no to Yes Loans text promotion

The Advertising Standards Auth-ority has banned a text message advertisement sent by Yes Loans UK, based in Cwmbran.

The SMS advert for loans stated: “Hi XXX, we have received your loan enquiry. Please call Yes Loans on XXX or reply yes for a callback txtSTOP2optout.”

The ASA received two com-plaints from individuals who said they had not enquired about loans. They also questioned whether the advert was likely to mislead consumers as it was not clear that it was a marketing communication.

Yes Loans UK said the message was worded to reflect the fact that it was not an unsolicited communication and was sent only when it received an enquiry via its website or an affiliate provider.

It claimed the first complainant received the message in error and the second had submitted an application for a loan in 2007. But the ASA said it was concerned the advert was sent to the first complainant without her consent. It also noted that the second complainant had consented to being contacted more than two years ago.

The ASA ruled that the advert must not appear in its current form.