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Take it away, ray? Since the late 1970s we’ve seen many forms of rap, ranging from old skool, rapcore, rap metal and garage to Celtic fusion.

But one adviser in the US has broken new ground with a pioneering financial rap. Mole is not sure what this should be called. Corporate rap maybe, or C-rap for short?

While it’s unlikely that the repetitive beat and monotonous delivery will be working its way onto your iPhone any time soon, if you find your clients are beginning to glaze over at your usual delivery this could be just the thing.

A video of the adviser making rap history is available on YouTube. Entitled It Won’t Go To Zero, it shows a hip guy called Kenneth Robinson puttin’ it down about why equities are a safe bet for punters. Although it’s free of any references to guns, loose women or hard drugs it does provide food for thought about portfolio diversification.

Are any UK brokers game to do a similar thing for mortgages? A rapping Ray Boulger could be just what the market is looking for.

Cosy corner Mole headed down to smart eaterie Hush in London’s Mayfair last week for Abbey for Intermediaries’ key account briefing, fully kitted out with video recording equipment to interview man of the moment Adrian Whittaker, key accounts director at Abbey, for MSTV.

Broadcasting whizz Natalie Holt was allocated a special room in which to grill Whittaker but had to relocate after she found the original bore a striking resemblance to a boudoir – a tad too much for viewers of pre-watershed MSTV.

Mole knows Abbey loves the broker market but an intimate candlelit room may not be the most appropriate place to express its affection.

Helping hand Jonathan Cornell, Mortgage Strategy columnist and head of communications at First Action Finance, got in touch last week to let Mole know about a clutch of industry luminaries running a half-marathon for the Evelina Children’s Hospital.

“There are plenty of demands on our hard-earned money but one worthy cause is ECH,” Cornell told Mole.

“James Rodea, executive director at Savills Private Finance, and his wife Amanda, Mark Harris, managing director of Savills Private Finance, and his wife Chelsea, and Eddie Clark all plan to run the St Albans half-marathon to raise funds for this fantastic hospital which looked after James and Amanda’s son last year.”

Every child who suffers a traumatic accident within 60 miles of London is transferred to Great Ormond Street or ECH. While it is NHS-funded it needs private funds for specialist equipment.

You can sponsor the runners at

Joint account Three men in the Forest of Dean found out just how bad drugs can be for you last week when their home was raided in a search for cannabis plants and they ended up being busted for mortgage fraud.

After some digging, police found the property containing the plants had been obtained fraudulently. Mole wonders if this could be a growing trend.

Perhaps the police should change their strategy when it comes to mortgage fraud and follow the sweet yet illegal smell of cannabis to track down fraudsters. After all, they have to pay for those mortgage deposits somehow.


Election Report Week 1

The first week of campaigning is almost over and I have already tried to ban myself from shouting at the TV.


Protect your data from online attack

Not even the Dalai Lama is safe. Reports have emerged that hackers in China have infiltrated the spiritual leader’s emails. And it doesn’t stop there. The Indian government and the United Nations have had computers hacked into and documents relating to missile programmes and security assessments have been accessed. Even Google has retreated from China […]


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