Knowing clients is vital to marketing


Nike, McDonald’s, Lloyds TSB – they’re all big brands with big marketing budgets.

This is not true of mortgage brokers who often see marketing as either a luxury they can’t afford or something they don’t need. Both beliefs are wide of the mark.

The truth is that every firm, from sole trader to global institution, is always marketing itself in some way or another.

In fact, every time you make contact with a customer you are marketing to them. At every point you will be seeking to understand their needs, delivering a message and portraying an image.

This could be through your website, letters or even your recorded telephone messages.

It all counts because everything you do creates a perception of your business among clients and potential customers.

This perception can determine whether a prospect makes contact with you, whether a lead converts, whether a client will use you again and whether they are likely to recommend you to friends.

And it’s all determined by the way you present yourself. So although you may not realise it you are constantly marketing your services and you can do this effectively without a big budget.

It’s all about doing the right things well, and knowing what the right thing is begins by understanding how your clients think as well as their financial needs and attitudes.

So instead of being lured by social media, do a bit of client research – it will be far more effective.