IT can bring clients and advisers closer


In the past few years I have met many mortgage brokers and IFAs, each with their own attitude towards the benefits of using technology.

Everyone has an opinion on IT, ranging from those using pens and paper to those who embrace the paperless office and own every gadget known to man.

But in the past few months I have found more professionals accepting that change is inevitable as firms strive to reduce costs and seek greater efficiencies.

Most of those I speak to are looking for solutions that do not alienate customers and even encourage them to engage in the process.

If this can be achieved customers will feel as if they are being listened to and, in turn, be more likely to listen to the advice provided.

This type of customer is increasing in number – ask your clients if they have bought anything online recently and I bet most will say yes.

So a system that lets customers play a part in their financial affairs can only be a good thing. Giving them the chance to partially complete fact-finds securely online not only makes them feel part of the process but also makes the best use of advisers’ time.

Imagine a system that lets clients see the performance of their investments, whether mortgage-related or not.

This will bring clients and brokers closer, which should help advisers secure and retain business.