The Mortgage Mole

Fight night

The Council of Mortgage Lenders&#39 annual lunch (AKA biggest industry knees-up of the year) once again saw Mole plumb the depths of depravity. And as for Thickett? Well, let&#39s just say that Strategy&#39s finest got into a spot of bother at the after-hours unofficial party down at The Archery. Our man was trying to extract info from a broker when he was viciously attacked by the interviewee.

“I told him I was from the press and the next moment he was trying to deck me,” Thickett confessed. If it hadn&#39t been for the kind intervention of BSA external affairs manager Rachel Blackmore the poor boy would have ended up face down on the pavement. Needless to say the broker&#39s card has been indelibly marked. Watch this space.

Good sport

And so to the greatest sporting weekend ever. First to see Arsenal succumb to Man Utd in the FA Cup courtesy of em-financial. Mole&#39s never been a fan of the Ginger Git but had to take his hat off to Paul Scholes for starting Mole&#39s winning streak with £20 for the first scorer. A short trip to Aintree and Mole was soon perched on the edge of his seat (thanks to em-financial again). And with Amberleigh House romping home at 16-1 and £30 placed to win, Mole was getting rather merry. Which probably accounts for his sharp exit.

Then Sunday and it was Liverpool vs Blackburn (yup, em-financial again). 4-0 to the Anfield boys and £100 on Owen to score first saw Mole rolling in readies. Thank you, em-financial.


And so it was that sporting success inspired Mole to accept the challenge of Trigold joint MD Bill Safran – a darts showdown at Mole&#39s local, The Champion. “I&#39ve never seen him play but I hear he&#39s a bit handy,” PR mentor Richard Hurst told Mole. “Although my ground-breaking underarm technique is truly deadly, the thing about Bill is he&#39s got the physique to stay the distance.” Mole is sharpenin&#39 his arrers.


Meanwhile, Mole hears that Dale Jannels, S&M director at packager AToM, was chased across the 18th green in Horsham last week by an angry goose – not once, but twice! Dale, lamenting his impending defeat, claimed refuge in a bunker to escape the indignity of losing and being goosed at the same time.

Plane daft

Disappointment at Arsenal&#39s early exit from the Champions League last Wednesday hit Hamptons head Kevin Duffy hard, especially in the wallet.

Before the game the devout Gunners fan bought return tickets to Madrid in anticipation of both Real and Arsenal progressing. Sad isn&#39t it? He&#39s still bound for sunny Spain though, albeit not for football-watching. “It&#39s true, the flight had been booked so certain was I of the correct outcome,” a chastened Duffy told Mole. “But mighty Arsenal will still cruise to the Premiership title without any doubt.”