Scottish students first to study Financial Planning Certificate

Students at Edinburgh University School of Law are the first students in the UK to have studied the Financial Planning Certificate 1 as part of the financial services module of their Legal Diploma.

A total of 116 students sat the exam at the end of last year and 113 passed with an average pass rate of 97.4%, considerably higher than the UK average of 62.2%

Using ed. LEARN, students were able to log on and work through the course at their own pace.

Elaine Tyre, deputy director of the diploma course, says: “The students loved ed. LEARN. They could work at their own pace and would frequently go online for twenty or thirty minutes between lectures. If there was something they were unclear about they were be able to goback and look it up, without appearing stupid.

“Whilst the university has no plans to take students beyond FP1 it does believe that students who go on to work in private client practices are likely to complete the Financial Planning Certificate.”