Infinity launches &#39three for free&#39 campaign

Infinity Mortgages has launched a &#39three for free&#39 marketing campaign to help brokers capitalise on the busy spring mortgage period.

The campaign, which runs up to May 31 2004, enables brokers to submit up to three mortgage applications on which application fees will not be charged.

The campaign works on an escalating basis: the first application received by Infinity will require no application fee. When that case progresses to offer, a second application can be submitted without a fee. And when that case is offered, a third and final application can besubmitted with no requirement to include a fee.

Chris MacMahon, sales director, says: “This campaign gives brokers an important additional selling benefit in the busy spring mortgage period.

“Removing application fees will save up to £395, depending on the size of the loan. Infinity believes that this promotion, combined with an already highly competitive product range and a service level which is second to none, will make Infinity Mortgages a sure-fire winner with brokers and borrowers alike.”

The &#39three for free&#39 promotion will run throughout April and May 2004. Brokers can obtain further information about Infinity Mortgages product range by visiting its website &#45