Berry Birch and Noble launches equity release division

Berry Birch and Noble, a subsidiary of Berkeley Berry Birch, is launching a specialist equity release division to help clients release the millions of pounds of equity held in property.

The specialist advisers from the division will be able to select appropriate products for clients from the entire range of Safe Home Income Plans approved schemes on offer.

Brian Thornley, manager of BBN, says: “The increasing confusion, bordering on distrust, surrounding the equity release market means it is essential that consumers have access to fully trained and independent specialists. Releasing a small amount of the equity in property can mean the difference between people remaining in their home or being forced to spend the rest of their lives unhappily elsewhere.

“Equity release is also used by high net worth clients who wish to keep liquid capital but are willing to use a portion of their existing property to fund other projects such as holiday homes abroad or school fees for grandchildren.”