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Which of the AR or DR options will maximise the time spent with my clients?

Chris French is chairman of the Mortgage Marketing Centre

About the same because you will still have the same number of clients and the same processes. But the DR option means more time after-hours spent on compliance, doing returns, etc.

Richard Griffiths is managing director of Network Data

The AR route is the better path to save you from a huge amount of compliance and administrative work. Your principal firm will have to ensure you are trained and competent, providing you with the tools to maximise your share of your clients&#39 business. Look on it as a double whammy – more time with your clients and more productive selling.

Stephen Atkins is group compliance director at Freedom Finance

Most definitely the appointed representative route. You will be give the compliance and technology support required.

John Lee is head of sales and marketing at Genesis Home Loans

Becoming an AR should give you more time to sell. Your principal will be responsible for your compliance and will provide you with procedures to follow, allowing you to concentrate on selling.

Kean Seager is chairman of the Whitechurch Mortgage Network

This is where networks really score. Being an AR reduces the time you have to spend on regulatory matters considerably. If you are going DR a good compliance service can relieve you of a fair bit of the drudgery.

Bill Warren is network director at the Complete Network

The DR option means you are going to be tied up with compliance administration which will cut down on client contact. However, some networks are setting business volume targets for ARs so this could cut down on client time as well. ARs also have to attend to their own compliance.

Nick Battersby is group compliance director at Trustguard Home Loans

It is inevitable that training and competence and all aspects of record keeping will become far more time-consuming. The AR route will definitely allow firms to spend far more of their time in front of the client although regulatory obligations will not just go away upon joining a network.

Peter Ransome is sales director at Mortgage Support Network

The networks which provide a fully integrated AR or DR support service. This should include business consultancy to maximise earnings by targeting the right customer base; effective point-of-sale sourcing, electronic submission and integrated client management systems.

Stanley Lovell is group executive chairman of IN Partnership

Being an AR will free up a considerable amount of time that would normally be spent on regulatory matters, giving you that time to spend with clients. With DR the compliance issue becomes extremely onerous for the principal of the business and not cost-effective because of lost selling time.