We’re not a sect and we’re not secretive, says Opus Dei

Mortgage Strategy recently published a cartoon with a caption describing Opus Dei as ‘ultra-secretive’ and a ‘Catholic sect’ (May 28).

First of all, Opus Dei is not a sect and the Catholic Church would not allow it to be. Opus Dei is a fully app-roved organisation within the Church, with a detailed entry in the Catholic

Directory. As the word sect normally refers to a group that has broken off from another, it is much better to use another description, such as organisation or group.

Second, Opus Dei is not secretive at all. Throughout 2005 and 2006, when the organisation was in the spotlight be-cause of its false portrayal in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, many of its members gave interviews on TV, radio and the national newspapers.

They sought to explain what the group is all about – seeking holiness in the midst of one’s ordinary occupations, especially work.

Opus Dei’s British information off-ice is in London and is listed in the telephone directory. It has a website (www. opusdei.org.uk), which gives the add-resses and contact details of many of its centres of activity throughout the country. Many of these centres run their own websites as well.

So thanks largely to Dan Brown’s efforts, Opus Dei has become one of the best known religious organisations in the world.

Andrew Soane
Opus Dei Information Office