Trigold’s product list is five days out of date

I’ve been arranging mortgages for 35 years and have used Trigold for over 10 years. But I was recently informed by a member of staff in its product department that Trigold’s product list is five days out of date.

I discovered this for myself after sourcing a mortgage with Nottingham on a five-year fixed rate at 5.64% until June 1 2012. When I contacted the society to verify the information, I was advised that the product had been withdrawn on May 22.

I then checked the next two cheapest deals, Coventry and Halifax, both quoted at 5.69% on Trigold and supposedly up-to-date. Unfortunately I found they were wrong too.

Why are there no resources available to Trigold to keep this vital area on track? Periods of rapid rate changes are not new or unexpected. After all, the national papers and trade magazines have been full of talk about rate chan-ges for months.

So why am I being charged £17.63 a month through Sesame for information that is out of date?

Rod Wadham
By email