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This Week’s Dilemma

All our team leaders and managers are busy and seem to be working harder than ever to hit our business targets. So why are we expected to add to this heavy workload by having to have so many appraisals with team members? Some of us have up to 10 of them to do a week and they take up so much time when we have more pressing things to do. Is this really my job or a are we merely keeping HR happy?

Ann Lippiatt is director of Human Resources at Money Partners

When you take on a leadership role you become responsible for other people as well as your own work, which can be uncomfortable for some.

Effective management doesn’t come naturally to everyone, which is why the performance review process is in place to encourage good practice and build skills on both sides.

You might argue that you exchange feedback with your team members every day, so why do it formally every six months or so? It’s true that short-term issues can be add-ressed on a day-to-day basis, but reviewing progress over a longer period provides an essential long-term balance.

The time spent giving and receiving feedback shouldn’t be seen as a time-consuming HR exercise. Setting goals and objectives is part of the investment you need to make in your staff to ensure they understand what is expected of them and how they are measuring up.

Reviews never come when it’s quiet, but part of being an effective manager is managing your time. Pace yourself, re-membering that you need to spend time before the appraisals thinking about what you want to say and afterwards to write up your notes.

Managers who prioritise appraisals acknowledge the people part of their work and their responsibility for staff performance. They recognise that developing staff performance benefits them, their staff and their organisation and is not just HR.


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