Optoma parts ways with B&W

Optoma Broker Solutions has removed Bristol & West Mortgages from its packaged panel by mutual consent with the lender.

The packager says it reviews its panel on an ongoing basis to ensure that it meets the current needs of customers and to ensure there is added value when accessing the lender through Optoma.

After a recent review it was decided that Bristol and West no longer fitted with Optomas business model.

James Hall, director of sales at Optoma, says: Bristol and West has been on our panel for four years and has supported us throughout with exclusive products and an onsite underwriter but we feel that other lenders now fit more comfortably with our future plans.

We hope to make some exciting new appointments to our panel over the next couple of months.

Mark Howell, head of marketing at Bristol & West Mortgages, says: “We have had a very successful relationship with Optoma in the past, providing them with a first class service including exclusive products, onsite underwriters and dedicated business support.

“But as they continue to focus on sub-prime business Bristol & West Mortgages couldn’t justify the level of support we were providing.”