Mortgage Next is not practising what Tomlinson has been preaching

I’m an appointed representative of Mortgage Next and feel Justine Tomlinson makes a lot of sense about the industry in which we work. But in her letter headlined ‘Richard, network size doesn’t matter as much as quality’ in the May 28 issue of Mortgage Strategy, she commented on her own network from an aspirational rather than a realistic point of view. Some of her comments may be based on what her management and field staff are relaying to her, but they’re not all accurate.

Tomlinson states that Mortgage Next has been focussing on working with its appointed representatives to make them more productive. I would like to endorse that statement, but I can’t.

Mortgage Next is not an innovative organisation. In my opinion, the only trails it has blazed over the past 12 months are those innovations forced upon it, such as the Treating Customers Fairly initiative.

I would like Mortgage Next to em-brace a philosophy of working in partnership with its ARs but it seems to be more focussed on its own needs than us. I believe it’s an organisation that is limping along, perhaps even stagnating. It seems to lack drive and determination.

The lack of any evidence to show Mortgage Next is a dynamic organisation has led me to believe that my future as an AR would be better realised with another network. I’ve already had discussions with other principals and will move imminently.

I think Mortgage Next and other networks have to realise that ARs want more than compliance support, access to lender panels and a ‘nice to do business with’ attitude.

It will be interesting to see if Tomlinson applies the principles she dislikes in other networks when ARs apply to leave Mortgage Next. Hopefully I will suffer no protracted termination period or potential loss of pipeline business and indemnity commissions when I go.

However, following a tentative enquiry to a representative of Mortgage Next, I have been advised that my life commission will revert to a drip payment system rather than indemnity terms as soon as I give notice.

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