Me & My Car

My love of Porsches started young and as soon as I developed love handles and went bald I rushed out and bought a Carrera 4S. It\'s met my expectations in every way, says Paul Bar

I was never a car enthusiast nor did I have the desire to get my head under the bonnet when I was growing up, but from the moment I first saw a Porsche 911 (as my favourite model was called in my adolescence), I always wanted to drive one.

Every time I saw the model glide past on the motorway or stop at the traffic lights, I couldn’t help but stare at it longingly.

But one thing that al-ways puzzled me was the fact that every 911 driver was a balding, overweight man.

Was this a pre-requisite for Porsche dealers? When you went to put your deposit down to buy the car, did they say ‘Sorry sir, you need to gain 13 pounds and shave a circle in the back of your head’?

Anyway, 20 years later I started to go bald and had love handles to match. Yipee, time for a Porsche.

I knew exactly what I wanted, the Carrera 4S. With its 3.8 litre engine capable of 179 mph and 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, what more could a family man want to make himself still look young and virile?

I booked a test drive with the Porsche of Mayfair dealership. I was impressed with the service and even more im-pressed when it announced there were only two such cars available in the country and they would get me one the following day for a test drive.

After annoying my wife all night by tossing and turning, I found myself behind the wheel of my dream car and it did not disappoint. It’s an am-azing vehicle with power to match.

Is there a downside? Well, yes. I have trouble fitting my golf clubs in a boot designed to hold a pair of trainers and I’m thinking of buying shares in BP as the extra urban fuel consumption is 8.5 miles to the gallon.

In addition, as we have a seven-month old baby girl, my wife thought buying a Porsche was a great idea and has constantly reminded me of my age, weight and hairline.

But for all of the minor disadvantages, the advantages blow them away. I now find myself volunteering to hold our regional sales meetings up and down the M1.