LMS says RICS has its head in the sand over HIPs

LMS has hit out at the latest statement from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, saying it has “its head in the sand” over Home Information Packs.

Dominic Toller, director of marketing and new business at LMS, says: “What has become abundantly clear throughout this process is that RICS has got its head in the sand over HIPs.

“Although it has been very vocal about its reasons for objecting, everyone knows that it is in its best interests to keep the whole process centred on the surveyors instead of buyers and sellers.

“RICS has entirely missed the point about the savings HIPs will make both in money and time for the consumer. Its constant undermining of the process is bad news for everyone but most of all for the consumer.”

“RICS don’t want HIPs because RICS is not ready for August 1: It doesn’t have enough surveyors let alone enough Domestic Energy Assessors. RICS has confirmed it only has five fully trained and ready to go.

LMS has also derided RICS’ suggestion that Energy Performance Certificate’s should be conducted at the time of valuation, arguing that this holds back important information from prospective buyers.

It says that putting the responsibility for acquiring an EPC in the hands of the seller ensures there is only ever one EPC conducted whereas in the case of RICS’ proposal, whenever a sale falls through another EPC would need to be conducted as part of the valuation process.