Hometrack and Trigold complete 15,000 valuations

Hometrack and Trigold reveal they have completed 15,000 valuations in the first month since instant property valuations have been available through the sourcing system.

This figure includes both instant property valuations and full valuation reports.

Bill Safran, chief executive officer of Trigold, says: “This is a remarkable result for the first month of this new system.

“We knew that we had a good product provided by a market leader in Hometrack, but had no idea that brokers would switch on to the benefits so quickly.

“Mortgage brokers spend a huge amount of time delving into the minutiae of their clients’ history and circumstances but have been denied the same level of detail for property valuations.

“Now, for the first time, they can at the click of a button get the facts about the property their client wants to buy, sell or remortgage.

“Good advice comes from being in possession of all of the facts relating to a client’s case and for many brokers the property valuation is the missing piece.

“These results show beyond a doubt how this partnership represents a huge leap forward in the advice process and we’re delighted to offer this exclusive service in partnership with Hometrack.”

David Catt, commercial director of Hometrack, says: “Mortgage brokers are clearly demonstrating that they are arming themselves with all the pertinent facts they need to give best advice.

“Better information means better advice and also creates a more efficient sales process with the removal of any hidden surprises which may hinder an application.

“With the Hometrack Value Check and Full Valuation, intermediaries using Trigold have instant access to an unbiased, independent and accurate house valuation report in seconds.

“Furthermore, they have the confidence of knowing that Hometrack’s Valuation Report is based on the same property valuation system used by high street banks and mortgage lenders.”