GHL and Salt offer 250 refund on application fees

GHL Group has teamed up with Salt to celebrate six months of having the lender on its panel, by offering applicants a 250 refund on application fees, free legal fees and fre surveys on all remortgages.

The incentive scheme will be available on all applications received from today until August 3.

This incentive scheme applies to all of Salt’s products except the prime self-cert range.

Salt has also recently removed the higher lending charge from all its self-cert and sub-prime products.

John Smith, sales and marketing director GHL Group, says: We chose to appoint Salt to our panel because of its innovative products, flexible lending criteria and dedication to the packager channel.

This incentive goes to show that, although Salt is keen to take business in direct, they also value us as a significant route to business volume.

As a branded lender, we have direct access to its underwriter who is situated on site at our Warmington headquarters with a significant mandate.

We are excited about the opportunity this new incentive scheme brings and should enable us to further increase interest from our brokers.

Tony Capon, head of retail sales at Salt, says: “In our review of the most successful packagers in the UK, GHL was identified as a partner that would fit perfectly with our proposition, product and service offering.

We are delighted to be able to offer this incentive to them, which will further encourage business as we approach our first six months together.