E2M calls for clearer HIP implementation timetable

Easier2move has called on the government to introduce a clear timetable for the roll-out of Home Information Packs in order to restore market confidence in the future of the legislation.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director at Easier2move, says: “The recent announcement from the Department for Communities and Local Government is a true confirmation of the governments undertaking to make HIPs a reality.

The phased roll-out detailed in this document appears to be a fair and measured approach to the implementation of packs.

“However, while we agree that it is important to have the right personnel in place across the country before a true roll-out of HIPs can take place, we are disappointed that no firmer dates have been mentioned.”

Babington admits that HIPs have become somewhat of a movable feast recently, but she warns the lack of firm timings for the introduction of packs will continue to affect the markets confidence in their ultimate introduction.

She adds: This will in turn reduce the amount of investment from interested companies and thus set the process back even further.

“We call on the government to rectify this state of uncertainty as soon as possible and allow companies, such as ourselves, to get on with the business of providing these packs to consumers.”